1. Jabari | DJ Jasmine Solano – Words with Friends Podcast

    Like I said before these are starting to be the highlight of my dreadful Mondays. So check out the latest podcast from Jabari.


  2. Smoking Section | SZA Talks New ‘Z’ EP, Being TDE’s Lone Lady, Her Ivy League Experience & More

    Smoking Section | SZA Talks New ‘Z’ EP, Being TDE’s Lone Lady, Her Ivy League Experience & More

    After giving her EP, Z, a solid listen I’ve come to the conclusion that she is very dope. Check out her interview with the Smoking Section.

    Top Dawg Entertainment’s SZA is probably the Manny Pacquiao of signing autographs. Early Monday evening, she began her meet-and-greet event at the Generation Hustle shop on Melrose with overflowing enthusiasm and, at the event’s end, there were no signs of…

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  3. The Cannabis Republic of Uruguay [Documentary]

    The Cannabis Republic of Uruguay [Documentary]

    Since it’s 420 and Easter, why not post this.

    Even ahead of Colorado, the small South American country of Uruguay has changed the game globally. They have made marijuana a legal trade thanks to new legislation passed last year. You have to be registered with them and can only grow up to six plants at a time, but from the looks of it, the government will provide better weed than they can score on…

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  4. Amir Driver (@ADriverSFR) | Trophies

    Amir Driver // Trophies Freestyle from Barry Bryant on Vimeo. I’m really rocking with this new sound from Driver.


  5. Koffee With Kim Trailer | Shoot

    Koffee With Kim Trailer | Shoot

    Yesterday morning we had a quick shoot with Kim Jenkins of Koffee With Kim to promote her video series. The series is dedicated to highlighting people with interesting stories, interesting places/ events and hidden gems.

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  6. Walk For A Cure | Photoshoot

    Walk For A Cure | Photoshoot

    Today The Rebel Society worked with our client Kimberly Wimbish and KMK Productions as they are getting ready for the Walk For A Cure For Lupus event. So this afternoon we had a quick photoshoot with them at Mt Trashmore in Virginia Beach, Va.

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  7. Budweiser Made In America Festival 2014 | Trailer

    This year it will be held in Los Angeles.

  8. GQ Interview with Juan Perez of Roc Nation Sports

    Roc Nation Sports had a great year in 2013. President of Roc Nation Sports talks about what they have coming up in the very near future.


  9. Jhene Aiko |Comfort Inn Ending

    Jhene Aiko |Comfort Inn Ending

    This song literally pops up on my iPod every day. Its one of the best songs on her EP.

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  10. LaRon Bishop (@LaRonBishop) | Just Know (VIDEO TRAILER)

    Started From Nothin….. coming soon. Video shot by Synlifestyle.

  11. Childish Gambino | Sweatpants ft. Problem

    One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite projects from last year.

  12. wale-folarin-dc:

    Think like a champion!  #MJMondays 

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    real shit.

    Pretty accurate

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  14. Jabari | Words with Friends Podcast – Karen Civil

    Karen Civil is an entertainment industry powerhouse. She has worked for Beats by Dre, Funkmaster Flex, The Diplomats, and many more.


  15. Life Outside Of The Box | Gary Vaynerchuk (@GaryVee) is Mufasa

    Life Outside Of The Box | Gary Vaynerchuk (@GaryVee) is Mufasa

    gary v is mufasa

    “Fuck James Earl Jones, Gary Vaynerchuk is the real Mufasa” – Shod Harris

    Now that I have your attention, let me tell you where all of this came from. Last night I had a dream that at first was pretty regular but then it took a very weird turn. First let me say that I hardly ever remember my dreams once I wake up so for me to remember this dream so vividly has to mean something. So back to my…

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