1. GQ | Kanye West: A Brand-New Ye

    A pretty good read on Mr. West. Kanye West has been married for ten days, and he has that new-husband way with the ring still, pulling it on and off like it’s something he might yet undo, or do again.

  2. Just a couple of pics I took yesterday, and this pic is so dope to me | Pics from the High Heels and Big Wheels video shoot by @kimwimbish and @kmkproductions | Link is in bio


  3. In Pursuit Of Me w/ Brittney Dennis | Photoshoot

    In Pursuit Of Me w/ Brittney Dennis | Photoshoot


    The Rebel Society is currently working with author, Brittney Dennis, to market and promote her new book, In Pursuit Of Me.  As part of the 21 Days Of Me campaign we were able to give Brittney Dennis a photoshoot to help promote the release of the book as well as being able to create promotional materials as well.

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  4. Cool People with Cool Jobs | Arron Saxe of JAM

    Being unemployed for over a year in your late thirties would be devastating for many, but Arron Saxe used that time as an opportunity to figure out what he truly wanted to do with his career.

  5. Just finished shooting with @inpursuitof_b and this pic was dope. Btw if you zoom in you can see my triceps poppin | Photo cred by @ellesheri

  6. The same people that told you that you weren’t going to be nothin or that say you are crazy because they can’t see your vision are sleep right now. So use that same negative energy that they fed to you to prove them wrong!!!!! #HardWorkAlwaysWin

  7. Just a dope pic that I came across #BikerMiceFromMars

  9. 1-2-1 w/jeffstaple ft. B.O.B.

    1-2-1 w/jeffstaple ft. B.O.B. from staplepigeon on Vimeo. jeffstaple headed south to have a sit down chat with ATL native B.O.B.

  10. Agenda: NYC | Recap

    Agenda: NYC—January 2014 Post-show Recap from Agenda Tradeshow on Vimeo. Agenda: NYC will be back July 21& 22 at the Javits Center North in New York City

  11. Rob Hill Sr (@RobHillSr) | What I Miss Most

    RobHillSr-W.I.M.M-FE1 from Digital GOLD Media on Vimeo. This is a pretty dope video from the homie Rob Hill.

  12. johngotty:

    Loudest = Weakest

  13. philthethrillmusic:

    "but this is ɹǝdǝǝp than that" | tyduh | shot by @synlifestyle

  14. MarieTV | Progress: Why It’s Smart To Start Small and/or Sucky

    Success takes time, especially when you’re first getting started. In this video, you’ll learn why it’s a good thing to start off small and/or sucky — and how it’ll help you get further faster.

  15. Jabari | Words With Friends – Robert Ford

    Robert Ford is the founder of The Creative Mind Group, a company that takes film students to the major film festivals across the world.