1. XXL | Lil Wayne’s Manager Cortez Bryant Is One Of Hip-Hop’s Most Important Figures

    XXL | Lil Wayne’s Manager Cortez Bryant Is One Of Hip-Hop’s Most Important Figures

    Cortez has been putting in work for the past couple of years so it’s good to see him finally getting his just due.

    The line of cars to enter the Drake VS Lil Wayne concert stretches for miles. It’s Labor Day weekend in Atlanta and the entire city is seemingly here—from dread-locked Zone 6 trappers to Georgia Tech sorority girls. Horns are honked, bootleg t-shirts hawked, and Wayne featuring…

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  2. Just finished another website for TheSisterNetwork.com. My goal for 2015 is GROWTH, so that involves growth of team, growth in revenues, growth in quality and growth in scope of projects. So I’m focused to stay on this path and create my own opportunities

  3. Gotta love a camera with wifi | a nice shot I just took of @pressplae during our shoot #BlackAndWhite

  4. Just finished shooting another #450Series video with @pressplae :: Her cats almost attacked me but I’m still alive though lol


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  6. As I get older I’m enjoying live music more and more

  7. My man John killing the keys last night for @chemistrytheband #TheseBlackAndWhitePicsLookAwesome

  8. Just felt like posting this design work that my company just finished for @chroniclesofglam #WebsiteandLogo #TRS #Branding #Strategy #Marketing #Design

  9. Cool People with Cool Jobs: Chelsea Matthews of Matte Black

    In her mid-late twenties, Chelsea Matthews made a career choice to build something of her own. She set goals for the year and went out with confidence.

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  11. Getting ready to shoot the latest #450Series video with @roxie_j_tat2artist

  12. #LIVINGOFFTHEWALL – Cody Hudson & The Art of the Side Hustle

    #LIVINGOFFTHEWALL - Cody Hudson & The Art of the Side Hustle Pt 2 from Vans OffTheWall.TV…

  13. #LIVINGOFFTHEWALL – Aaron Draplin & The Art of the Side Hustle Pt 1

    #LIVINGOFFTHEWALL - Aaron Draplin & The Art of the Side Hustle Pt 1 from Vans OffTheWall.TV…

  14. #AskGaryVee Episode 30: How to Pick a Name for Your Business

    To me, a name is made. I have some friends that sit around and spend wayyyyy too much time trying to figure out the name for their startup.

  15. Survivor’s Remorse |Series Premiere

    The show premiered last Saturday and was greeted with an unfortunate lukewarm response in ratings, but we’re assuming most didn’t know the series even existed.