1. Since I’m stuck in traffic I might as well post some pics. Dope shot from the #RebelSoulSession last week when @jeffmooremusicva was singing

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    It’s a gift to be able to do what you love for a living… It’s an even greater gift to do it in a way that really matters to people… To live your dream in a way that makes others have more faith in their own, perhaps the greatest gift of all… Very few get to feel that… Respect to you for inspiring so many

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    Good music to save the world.

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    dripdrip ∞ 88

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    A Behind The Scenes Look at The Dark Knight Trilogy

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    "One of the things I’ve learned about the topic of sex is that it is a gateway to everything else."

    — Michelle Antoinette. Watch the talk.

  8. A great shot after the show last night of #RebelSoulSessions with @oldman_rivers @jtalk100 @jonny_cardigan @kenny_sutton #VideosComingSoon #DopePerformances #IPrayJrodIsStillAlive


  9. Bonfire Impact Interview w/ TRS Founder | Shod Harris

    Bonfire Impact Interview w/ TRS Founder | Shod Harris


    After putting together the Men Giving Back event earlier this month, the good folks at Bonfire Impact decided to interview the founder of The Rebel Society, Shod Harris, about the event.

    Every single year we know just when summer is coming to an end. The endless amounts of school supplies being sold is the big hint.

    Often, people who don’t have children just skip over those aisles.Yet, this was…

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  11. Sincerely Speaking | B. Dennis Performs “She Wins”

    Sincerely Speaking | B. Dennis Performs “She Wins” from The Rebel Society on Vimeo. During the latest Sincerely Speaking event that was held during the 2014 Realizing You Conference, artist B.Dennis performs a piece titled “She Wins.”

  12. THE HUNDREDS :: YO’HOOD 2014

    The good folks over at the Hundreds visited Yo’Hood 2014 trade show.

  13. E:60 Penny Hardaway

    Lisa Salters catches up with former NBA star Penny Hardaway, who now helps coach a youth basketball team to help a cancer-stricken friend.

  14. I really just like the pic 😏

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